St. Martin's Lantern


November 11th is St. Martin's Day here in Germany, and my daughter and I both just celebrated it for the first time!


Everyone informs me that the St. Martin's lanterns are an absolutely essential part of the traditional parade, and I'm supposed to make it myself. I did a lot of research on the internet (what on earth does a St. Martin's lantern look like?) and then attacked the construction paper.


My daughter is currently obsessed with her teddy bear, so we dedicated her first lantern to him. It was really pretty easy, just a bunch of circles of varying sizes glued together. All you need is several cups and bowls to trace around (and some hole punches if you have them), then some scissors and a glue stick. I also used a bit of wire to make a hook for the light-stick thing they sell all over the place here, and some wax paper at the craft store. After an episode of The Black List and a glass of wine, I was done!



Of course it's not perfect; I noticed later that the two sides were not perfectly lined up, which is pretty obvious in the pictures but not a big deal. The important thing is we had a lot of fun walking in the parade, and then enjoying hot mulled wine and St. Martin's sugared pretzels afterward at the bonfire!

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