DIY Baby Gift: Diaper Motorcycle

Have you ever looked for a really creative baby gift you can make yourself? Not just a random stuffed animal, but something actually useful?



You've probably heard of a diaper cake, but there are lots of possible variations, for example a diaper motorcycle!




I used:


- 1 pkg. diapers (I used 52; 22, 15 and 15 each for the wheels)*

- 1 small bottle

- 2 receiving blankets or burp cloths, ca. 80x80cm

- 1 bib

- 1 pair baby socks

- 1 baby bandana

- ribbon

- rubber bands

- Scotch tape


*I used a round cake pan to help form the wheels and a toilet paper roll to keep the hole in the middle free, but they're not absolutely necessary.



There are quite a few how-to videos on YouTube, just search for "diaper motorcycle" and get a feel for the general idea, then you can add your own ideas. Creativity knows no limits! The gift looks very impressive, and the best part is that the new parents can use everything!


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